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  • Nearby attractions

    • Aisai Bell((Tsumagoi Farm)

      Go through several gates with "Principles for becoming a loving wife" written,
      We confirm our mutual love by ringing Aisai Bell.
      Ringing that bell... , it's you! ((smile)
    • Aisai no Oka

      A power spot born from the love of the villagers!
      A sightseeing spot that screams, which is rare in the world!
      If you shout "I love you" to your loved one towards the superb view, a miraculous moment will come.((!? )
      Please feel the love at the famous spots in Tsumagoi Village that are attracting attention from the media.
    • majestic scenery

      Tsumagoi Village is located at the westernmost tip of Gunma Prefecture.
      A plateau area with an average altitude of 1,000m surrounded by Mt Asama, Mt Azumaya, and Mt Kusatsu-Shirane, which are listed as Japan's Top 100 Mountains.
      The daily temperature difference is extreme, and the amount of cabbage grown in this climate is the largest in Japan!
      Surrounded by mountains, enjoy the panoramic view of the sky and the magnificent cabbage fields.
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  • Former owner information

    At "SHIBUYA-Tsumagoibiyori," the former owners and their husbands are posting information such as wild bird guides and hands-on classes.